InstructorSimon Stokes
TypeOnsite Course
DateSep 21, 2017
TimeThursday, 7pm - 9pm
PlaceShoogle Studios, Glasgow
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Module 2

Module 3



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Ableton Live is the latest and greatest software for making music. Whether you’ve never made music before or are switching from another DAW this course will take you from no experience whatsoever through to being a fully-fledged music producer. Combining our three courses into a single package, you will study over the course of a year the art of creating music using Ableton Live 9 – the very best software for electronic music production. Once complete, you will have attained options for working within the music industry as a music producer, engineer or live performer.

The focus of the course is on creating your beats and sounds from scratch rather than using pre-produced loops. This way, you can truly say that you own the music you create. No experience in music production at all? No problem – this course is designed to take beginners of Ableton Live right through to creating tracks, working on live performance options and professionally mixing and mastering them for sending to labels.

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  • 3 complete 16 hour courses taught by professionals in the industry
  • Skills and knowledge to build a full track from start to finish
  • FREE Shoogle Studios online course with over 9 hours of content, worth £85!
  • 40% Educational discount on Ableton Live
  • Exclusive Facebook group for help between sessions
  • A custom USB stick with a sample pack, example projects and further reading
  • Comprehensive course material with a ring binder for storage
  • Student discount card for Rubadub for 10% off all equipment and music
  • Up to 50% off plugins from the likes of Fabfilter, iZotope and more!

Ableton Live: Introducer

Introduction to Ableton Live 9

Building Percussion & Introduction to Effects

Introduction to Synthesizers

Further synthesis

Introduction to Audio and Advanced Effects

Introduction to Arrangement

Advanced Arrangement

Mixing Down and Exporting

…and much, much more!

Ableton Live: Producer

Compression Masterclass

Working with drum, instrument & effects racks

Synthesis: Introduction to Operator

Advanced Synthesis techniques

Working with Audio

Advanced Arrangement Techniques

DJ & Live Performance

Max for Live Introduction

…and much, much more!

Ableton Live: Mixdown

Introduction to Mixing – Digital Theory

EQ Masterclass

Compression & Multiband Masterclass

Mid & Side Processing for Mastering Plugins

Mixing Down 1 w/ Conor Dalton (Glowcast Mastering)

Mixing Down 2 w/ Conor Dalton (Glowcast Mastering)

Mastering with iZotope Ozone

…and much, much more!

You will be guided into the world of music production by Ableton Certified Trainer Simon Stokes, with the Mix & Master course taught by sound technology wizard Rab Goldie & top mastering engineer Conor Dalton. Having worked as an Ableton tutor since 2007, and with releases on record labels worldwide including legendary techno label Soma Records and international touring experience as a DJ and live act, Simon Stokes is one of the world’s finest music tutors.

His passion for music and friendly, engaging teaching style will have you creating your own tracks in no time.

You will need a laptop for this course. Either a Macbook or a PC will be fine for this. You will also need a copy of Ableton Live:

Module 1 Minimum: Ableton Live Intro + Ableton Analog

Module 2 Minimum: Ableton Live Intro + Ableton Operator

Module 3 Minimum: Ableton Live (all versions)

You can get a fully functioning demo of Ableton Live Suite that lasts for 30 days here. We always recommend buying Ableton Live Suite where possible – this is the complete package and will last you for life.

Ableton Live: Complete

Module 1: 21st September 2017 | 9 Weeks | Thursday 7pm – 9pm

Module 2: 17th January 2018 | 9 Weeks | Wednesday 7pm – 9pm

Module 3:  9th April 2018 | 9 Weeks | Tuesday 7pm – 9pm

Please note: start dates may be subject to slight changes.

Delivery method:

Part time: 2 hours tuition per week

Home study time: 6-8 hours per week recommended