InstructorSebastian Lexer
TypeOnsite Course
DateJul 8, 2017 - Jul 8, 2017
Time11am - 3pm
PlaceShoogle Studios
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Incalcando and Shoogle Studios are pleased to announce a new concept for Ableton Live and Max for Live users, in the form of a support clinic. These support sessions are aimed at artists and musicians seeking to explore the potential of using Max for Live for their work and advance their skills to customise and individualise their music making.

The Max for Live clinic session will start with a workshop to show and explain the use and gains of Max for Live within Ableton Live and many hands on examples of how you might use this in your music.

At the end of the session you will have developed a deeper insight and understanding of the principles of creating your own custom MIDI and Audio devices for Ableton Live. You will have built your own custom built midi sequencer and a basic audio effect. You will also have explored methods for interactive control of the parameters of Ableton Live (using the Ableton Live API). You will develop an idea of what Max for Live can offer to stimulate your creativity to enhance your music and skills.

The session also allows time for lots of questions, answers, conversations and hands-on building in order to work on realisations of your own ideas.

The session is intended for beginners and intermediate users, whether you are curious about the potential or have a specific project in mind.

The initial clinic session is scheduled for the 8th July 2017 11am – 3pm.