Shoogler 2.0: The Ultimate Multimode Filter

To celebrate the launch of our Max for Live: Weekender course we’re giving away this incredible multimode filter device! Featuring:

  • 2 Independent Filter Units
  • Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Band Stop and Peak filter types
  • 4x standard LFO’s and 1x combo to modulate cutoff, Q and gain
  • Full Push compatibility!
  • NEW: 9 Saveable Snapshots!
  • NEW: Switchable between serial and parallel filter routing with pan controls!
  • NEW: Modulate all parameters (including snapshots) using clip envelopes!

Shoogler 2.0







Check out this video of Shoogler in action:

This is a monster of a filter, and you can learn how to build a similar device and loads more on our beginner’s Max for Live: Introducer course over 9 weeks. Download this device completely free below:

Download Here!